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Grok, as a brand, is constantly seeking out new designers who can bring fresh ideas and concepts to light and decorate a space. Our designers strive for maximum artistic appeal in the simplicity of objects, feeling without losing functionality and attention to detail. The result is products with a novel, high-tech and timeless character.

Benedito Design

With its creative, innovative pieces, Benedito Design aims for perfection with timeless designs, as well as radically contemporary designs. From the 80s, initiating ties with Grok in 1998, it has created highly unique products like the Moon light fixture, the Hotel series or the current Circular, Saturn or Bend series. Its keys to success include: technology, elegance, quality and adapting to the setting.

Céline Wright

With more than 20 years of experience, Wright is one of the most influential designers in France, considered to be the eco-designer par excellence. Her designs are renowned for their hand-crafted methods, based on a combination of updated traditional techniques that use environmentally- friendly and natural materials. To ensure all her luminaires are unique pieces, she has established a network of artists who work from home. Combining a sensitive and poetic focus inspired by Nature, her light fittings evoke peace and serenity.

Francesc Vilaró

Founder and director of product design at Diba Studio in Barcelona, Vilaró seeks to strike a balance between creativity, industrialisation, innovation, appearance and practicality. Trained in industrial design engineering at Elisava, he established a producer, LODVí, based on an adaptation of traditional cooking utensils. Winner of various Delta awards for design, in 2016 he received a German Design Award for the GROK Invisible luminaire.

Iratzoki Lizaso

Based in the Basque Country, the studio was established in 2016 by Jean Louis and Ander Lizaso. Iratzoki Lizaso work with manufacturers of home and office furniture, textiles, lighting, ephemeral architecture and accessories. They also head artistic management for several brands. Their luminaires are defined by their emotional character and timeless design.

Nahtrang Disseny

Based in Barcelona, this design studio was founded in 2004 by Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol, industrial designers trained at Escola Massana. Seeking to improve day-to-day environments, they design sustainable, honest and attractive products for national and international lighting, furniture and urban equipment companies. They have received numerous accolades, which include the Silver ADI award in 2012 for Pile by LEDS C4.

Joel Karlsson, Krook & Tjäder Design

Works primarily with objects linked to architecture, furniture and lighting. The design studio works by the motto “form follows research”, a proverb which alludes to the interplay between Producer, Designer, Architect and Users.


Yonoh is a multidisciplinary creative studio set up by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma in 2006. The studio is characterized by it’s simple, yet functional designs. Simplicity, innovation and originality, without extravagance, is the backbone to their design philosophy studying each small detail minutely in each of their projects. Their versatility, timelessness and adaptability are the cornerstones of the work done in their studio.

Luca Turrini

Creative and observant, Italian designer Luca Turrini enjoys combining innovation with traditional shapes, without neglecting aesthetics, technique and functionality. Turrini has been working with light for more than 35 years and has designed the Grok “Ely” luminaire, presented at the 2019 Euroluce fair.